Mellow. A new approach to home cooking.

The iPod completely changed the way people approach music.” 

Karl Lagerfeld


In essence there are two approaches when addressing the wants and needs of a consumer market. Either providing a better version of a current service; a creating a entirely new alternative.

In the music industry and specifically in the personal consumer music market, the CD player was king of the market at the time. Evolving from a Record, to an Eight-Track, to a Cassette, the functions and utility of the service grew from each predecessor until the Ipod was created combining the idea of player and the storage of music together instead of separately. The Ipod wasn’t just a slightly better CD player, it revolutionized how we approached personal music.

I believe Mellow is a similar disrupter in it’s market of home cooking.

Mellow solves a number of consumer problems with home cooking combining a form of cooking already used in various restaurants.

What are some common issues that impede consumers from having a home cooked meal? Time constraints is usually a major one. Cooking a meal is a job in itself. There are people that get paid good money to prepare a meal for people that don’t have time to do it themselves. Chefs carry a skill set and knowledge towards creating quality food that one would actually enjoy consuming per say.

Mellow solves the issues of time constraints by allowing easy preparation that you can set up at a time most convenient and will ‘refrigerate’ the ingredients until the cooking phase is reached. The cooking phase the begins automatically and is completed at a time you designate… say right when you get from home?

I highly recommend watching the promotional video they have on their website for more information and if there was a stock for this company or it’s parent company, I would invest immediately as product is a game changer. I LOVE the idea of this product and can see it having a place in many households in the near future.


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