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Every once in awhile, I’ll put on my entrepreneurial hat on and just try to look at things from a different perspective. Here you can view my thought process when I’m trying to innovate.

I usually ask myself first “what is a process in my life that takes time?” Literally anything. Time is the most valuable resource that we all have and the progression of our species is all based on people trying to find ways and means to achieve something sooner. Quicker. Faster. More efficient. Instead of thinking of processes in other people’s lives and helping others to fix their own problems, it’ll be more advantageous to focus on your own processes and problems. I know it sounds selfish in a sense but really it makes the most logically sense.

Think about it. If a problem exists, who would be the person who would have the most perspective and understand the problem the most? It would be the person who has the problem right? There’s only so much you can explain to another person of what your issues or grievances of something are. The absolute best solution for your specific problem will never be thought of by someone else. Yes, others who have similar problems will create alternative answers but every person is different so what their ‘dream’ solution for a problem will always be different to some extent.

Can I make this process simpler? Shorter? Can I apply a process from another industry or market into this industry or market that hasn’t used that approach yet?

I found myself doting over my time in the kitchen. As an avid home cook, I was trying to think of situations and problems I’ve been in recently that relates. I came to the realization that there are two main reasons that brings about whatever meal I cook:

  1. Is there something specific I want or crave? This leans toward basis of desire.
  2. What do I have currently in my fridge or kitchen to make? This approach is more based on my environment per say and what is available.

When looking at individual ingredients specifically and not having an end result already in mind, the process becomes sort of a puzzle to an extent as you search break down possible things you can cook… only to realize you are missing an ingredient thus back to the drawing board.

So what if there was a way to know exactly what you can make based on the ingredients you already have in your kitchen?!

That’s when I did a quick google search and I realized exists and already is trying to provide a solution to that problem. Not too bad of an alternative. How close is it to what I envision though?

My Rating: 3/5


  • Ingredient to Recipe basic process is EXACTLY what I envisioned
  • The UI looks simple enough, clean and friendly.
  • Organization by cuisine and restrictions is a definitely PLUS


  • No mobile app.
  • Doesn’t keep track of ingredient used to streamline future uses.


  • Log-in stores previous ingredients listed in kitchen.

How I would improve the product specifically:

  • Some sort of ingredient tracker, when you use a recipe confirmation that asks then (or maybe even a couple hours later) if you used all of specific ingredients in the recipe to subtract from your “Kitchen Profile”
  • Notes on future app feature: “Link your grocery cards and have instant access to your purchases.” I hope that is what I’m thinking in terms of streamlining the ingredient selection process.

Basically the dream would be for a smart app that consistently knows all the ingredients in my kitchen. If that process is ever solved this app would be save more time instead of needing more to be used efficiently.

Yes, it’s always disappointing when you have that moment of aha! and then you search to find the problem is already solved. However, it’s a pretty cool feeling when you do search and no answer to your problem is yet found!


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